Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Sick One in the House

Around 4:30 Thursday morning I heard the same thing in the bathroom. My first thought was, Oh no, not this again. I thought it was Taylor. I thought he sickness had returned. So, I got up to check on him and noticed his door was still partly shut. I figured it must be Andrea this time. It was. She must have gotten whatever he had.

I knew I didn't need to find a sub or make plans because she is old enough and responsible enough to stay home by herself. I did feel a little guilty that I stayed home with Taylor and didn't with her.

She tried to eat some chicken noodle soup and drink gatorade but it wouldn't stay down. She ended staying home on Friday also. She was finally able to eat and drink
some during the day. When I got home she looked much better and was up and moving around more.

I have a healthy house of kids again, yeah!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Sick One at Home

It was about 1:30 on Tuesday morning and I heard someone in the bathroom throwing up. I couldn't make out which one it was so I got up to check. It was Taylor. He ended up out on the couch because his bed was a mess. I heard him a couple more times during the course of the night.

I got up, showered as usual, and took Andrea to Seminary. When I got back home I knew I needed to get plans ready for a sub. I was able to get one that I was comfortable with.

Taylor just slept the whole day. I did get him to drink some gatorade. I got all of his bedding washed and air dried. I love the smell of sheets that have been air dried. Around 4:30 he went into his room and I went to check on him. His face looked flush. I asked him why he came in here and he said he needed to cool off. I felt his legs and back and he was burning up. He took a couple of Tylenol.

I got up this morning as usual thinking that he was going to be fine. After returning from taking Andrea to Seminary I went in to check on him and he was still feverish. I had to find another sub and make more plans. I was again able to find someone that I trusted. I don't like having subs because most of the time you have to reteach everything again. I knew I wouldn't have to do that with this one.

So, I spent another day at home. He was able to eat some oatmeal throughout the day and drink more. His fever ended sometime in the morning. I was grateful for that. He didn't want to just lay around all day either. In fact, when Andrea returned from school he began to bother her. I knew that he was back to normal. Yeah!

It was kind of nice to stay at home. Instead of a 3 day weekend, I got a 5 day weekend. I was able to work on some school projects that needed to get done. I was also able to finish a book that someone loaned me. Being home was nice, but I do like school.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Trip Home

I left Saturday morning to spend the weekend in Merritt Island with my sister Ellen. It wasn't for fun, it was to spend time with our mom. My mom had surgery done on February 3rd. She has had some trouble walking and this is due to some disks in her back that are compressed together.

My sister didn't tell my mom I was coming down so it was a surprise to her when I walked in the room. When I got into sight a little smile came across her face. That made my day. She was only suppose to be in the hospital for a week and then she would spend the next 6 weeks in a rehab center. Unfortunately she had some medications that were causing complications inside of her body. Don't want to go into detail, not a pleasant thing to talk about. So, that is why she was still there 2 weeks later.

It was such a sad sight to see her just sit there with a look of pain on her face. You could tell that she was very frustrated about not being able to do anything. The only thing she could do by herself was eat, breath and sleep. When she would get that sad look on her face like she was going to cry my sister would get in her face and tell her to stop and be positive. I am such a softy, I know that I couldn't do that to her. My twin sister, Susie, is like me. She was a softy with mom too. But as soon as Ellen arrived she was the hard one. I think my mom needed Susie with her softness right after surgery and Ellen with her toughness for the week that followed to keep her from giving up.

After we got home we decided to head out to the mall. We ended up going to see New in Town. We thought it was quite funny. Then afterwards we each found a Cold Stone Creamy gift card in our purses, thanks to our great sister Susie. So, we treated ourselves to an ice cream and then headed home for bed.

The next morning I got up, showered and went to Sacrament meeting at the Cocoa Ward. I was sitting down and a few people came up and said that I looked familiar. It had been 24 years since I was there last. I turned to look around and I saw the Paxtons. That was a surprise. So they came and sat by me. I didn't stay for the whole 3 hours because I needed to head to the hospital.

My sister and I thought we were going to get the good news today that she was going to be released. However, one of the doctors didn't want to release her because her insides were still not working properly. What a let down. We spent the rest of the day sitting with her. The therapist doesn't work on weekends so we were able to get two of the nurses to help her to take a short walk.

Around 5:00 they came in to do some kind of test so my sister and I decided it was time for us to leave. We said our goodbyes and she went her way and I went mine.

As I traveled home I felt so blessed for my health and my capabilities. I was thinking about how I hoped I would never have to be in that situation. I don't want to have to be dependant upon anyone.

My mom is very lucky to have her seven children. She has had one of us there ever since her surgery. Once she is in the rehab center it will be hit or miss when we go. I am the closest and feel like I have been there the least. I feel guilty.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Throw in the Towel

Do you ever feel like throwing in the towel? Do you ever feel like what you are doing is NOT working? Do you ever say, "If I had to do it all over again, I would do things very differently?

That's how I felt today. Actually, I have felt like this many times but today there was a much stronger feeling.

I know that I need to remain strong and keep moving forward. I have to remember these words from the wise, "You may not see your impact for years to come." I wish I could reap the benefits now, but I guess this is one of those trials of faith.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Birthday Thrice

So part of my birthday present from Debbie was to go to the movie with some friends; Debbie, Debbie, Melody, and Tricia. I picked Marley and Me. Cindy, a teacher friend from school, said to leave the theatre after the rainy night part. Well I stayed in the theatre and watched the whole thing.

It was a movie that had you laughing, crying and reliving some parts of life that many of us go through. I enjoyed the movie a lot but mostly it was fun to be out with friends. I feel blessed to have friends such as these girls. Thanks for thinking of me.

When we got to the car there was an added surprise: a gift from Tricia. It was a homemade scarf. Tricia made it herself. It is beautiful. Like Ashlea says, "Your birthday should last the whole month."

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Birthday Twice

Today I got a surprise from Ashlea and Grace. They brought me chocolate covered strawberries for my birthday. They were yummy! Grace also made me the cutest little birthday card. I love you guys!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

46th Birthday

My birthday was a good one this year. Before school began Debbie came to my room with a huge key lime cupcake, a bag full of goodies and a date with friends to the movies. When I let the students in two of my students brought me flowers and one student who was brand new to my class just the day before brought me a stuffed bear. How sweet. In the morning Debbie's class walked in and went to the front of the class to sing her special Birthday song. One of these days I'm going to write it down. I love it! At lunch I opened up my e-mail and Melody sent me an e-mail wishing me a happy birhtday. At specials time my teammates all gathered together to sing Happy Birthday to me, have Beehive cake and give me a balloon and a gift. After school my family came and picked me up and we went out to eat at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse. I love that place. On the way home we stopped at Toujays and they bought me a chocolate cake with cheesecake in the middle. It was a good day!